Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend

The photo is for my Mom.
Saturday was spent washing and vacuuming the cars. Luckily Mason did most of it. I spent most of the day running between the driveway helping Mason and the upstairs spare bedroom closet helping David. I got nothing done I wanted to.

Sunday was spent doing yard work and gardening. We also bought a new swing for the backyard. Instructions said it would take 30 minutes. Mason and I spent two hours working on it. I think most of that time was spent reading the instructions 5 or 6 times to understand what they meant.

And this morning was more gardening. We got the water system all setup. If I can just figure out how to program the timer I will have a pretty hassle free garden all summer long.

Heading outside to enjoy the swing and watch David grill. No rain in the forecast which means no sewing in the forecast.

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