Saturday, June 04, 2011


We had a few extra bags of trash from the long holiday weekend. Wednesday morning I took them to the curb and then took the big rolling cart down the hill. Unfortunately my shoes were wet from walking in the grass. I slipped and fell. Who knew trash was so hazardous. After a trip to the doctors office later in the day I did have good news. I did not break either ankle. But both ankles were sprained, the achillies tendon on my left foot did not detach but is torn. 
Obviously the left one a bit more damaged than the right. The swelling has actually gone down quite alot, still not running any races yet. Trash is now the teenage boys job.


  1. That looks incredibly painful. Hope it heals quickly for you!

  2. Owie! Yes, give that chore to a boy!

  3. that seriously sucks! I hope your family is taking good care of you :)