Thursday, December 04, 2008

Slice of my life...

Quick story...

Kim had a dentist appointment yesterday. When we finally walked in the door Buttercup was under the kitchen table whimpering. She only whimpers like that when she is hurt. She has her stuffed dog (see photo for size compared to Buttercup) in her mouth and she can't figure out how to get the stuffed dog out from under the maze of table and chair legs. It was pitiful. She wouldn't let go of the stuffed dog but couldn't figure out how to get out with it. I moved a chair, she ran out with the dog and wouldn't drop it from her mouth for 10 minutes. I wonder how long she was under there trying to rescue her stuffed dog.

And words of wisdom. Don't ask your 16 year old for help with a geometry problem (figuring out the most effecient way to cut triangles for daffodil bags). Wow that was quite a discussion.

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