Monday, January 31, 2011

Wooly Nylon

I do feel much better today compared to last Thursday and Friday. Not 100%, still exhausted but better. Still no call back from the doctors office. I will take no news as good news.
In case you missed it in their ad. Among other things Joann's has thread 50% off this coming weekend. 4th-6th, I am making my list. Keeping myself stocked in serger, embroidery, bobbin and sewing thread has been a challenge this past year. On my list is some woolly nylon thread for the serger. It is a thicker, stretchy, yarn like thread.

The card table play house did arrive in Iowa. Don't know if the kids have played with it since it was going to and will be staying at their grandmothers house. Playhouse #2 for the twins is taunting me to start sewing it. I know the girls will enjoy it, I guess I am still a little bitter with the way their dad initially reacted to it.

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