Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Play House Finished

The card table play house is officially finished and on its way to its new home. I almost hate to post photos because you have seen it all as I have worked on it for the last 6 weeks. 
It was so cold and windy but I wanted photos with some decent lighting so I braved the windchill before the snow came in Sunday.

This might have been one detail you didn't see. I made a couple pockets on the inside of one of the walls. So while the kids were playing they could hide their treasures.
And for the  top I went for simple straight roads without the center lines.

I gave up counting but there are at least 40 different fabrics somewhere in this play house. One thing I can guarantee is there will never be another one just like it. It is truly one of a kind. I hope the kids enjoy a few hours of play with the play house.

Now to start work on the play house for the twins.


  1. it doesn't seem like it has been six weeks since you started! you did a great job :)

  2. it came out so cute! I love it

  3. This is just adorable! I plan to make one for my two little grandsons--maybe a barn. Love your creativity. I've just scrolled through each of your posts, and I believe you did it without a pattern. Thanks for your details with helpful photos of your steps along the way. Have you heard if it's been received yet?

  4. This is absolutely adorable! Wow, I marvel at your sewing skill.

    eveyinorbit via swapbot

  5. Geez! Agreed, you are amazing. I would like a playhouse cover for me! :) Hehe Love your blog. TangoAlphaMike *swapbot*

  6. Oh wow this is really amazing, I would have loved this as a little girl. You have some skills!