Thursday, December 09, 2010


I think I have totally lost touch with reality. I have looked at these little card table playhouses online in the past. We just don't have little kids around us at this point in our lives. And I am in no rush for grandkids of my own. So no need to make one.

Then after a totally random conversation with my Mother she gave me a reason to make one for a family friend and I am totally hooked. So hooked I woke up at 2am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep thinking of these playhouses. If I lived alone I would have gotten up and started sewing. But out of fear David would have me committed I stayed in bed. I cannot draw or sketch so you get my PowerPoint slides instead. Wonder how close the final house will look to my current pictures?

I have free reign to do whatever I want. And this is my vision as of today.
If I do window panes the window will have curtains or I may just totally change it out for a puppet theatre instead. Haven't decided yet. Have an idea in my head how to make the flowers removable from the "dirt" so they can be picked. Love the hearts on the tree. Thinking about having them interchangable with leaves... apples etc.
The tree will wrap around to the "boys" side. Make the opening to the dog house an entrance to the play house. More removable flowers and maybe a bird or two.
Tractor window open to the inside of the play house. Removable carrots, corn ears and more flowers. Still think I need to add a pig, got to figure that out.
Then back to the main entrance. Door will be an opening to the play house with a window. Mailbox will open for letter delivery. And the door may need an awning or something over the top.
I told you I have completly lost touch with reality on this one. Luckily the kids don't need it for Christmas. That will give me a chance to add more details that I have in my head.
Anything else I should add or anything I should change? Totally winging it on this one.


  1. what a super fun idea...can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  2. OMG. I think I may have to make one of these for my daughter. You have ruined me!

    That is so cute.

  3. This is the most adorable idea I've seen on a blog in a long time! I wish I had the patience, time, and materials to make one. Though I don't really have any little kids to make one for anyway. I'm excited to follow your progress and see the end result!

    -Kelly (kkgalien on swap-bot)