Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deprived Childhood

A rare weekday sewing event for me. One of the ladies that works for me needed this done for a family friend for Christmas. I was happy to embroider it.
When I first started designing the card table play house I asked David if one of the guys he works with wanted one. Donald has twin girls just under 3 years old and I thought they would love it. Oddly enough Donald wanted no part of a play house, was extremely negative about it, the direct quote was... his girls were too big and couldn't stand under a card table to play. I just rolled my eyes. Poor guy must have had deprived childhood and never played fort under the table. I gave up, it wasn't worth my effort at that point.
Last night my husband came home from work and handed me the measurements of Donald's card table. I am guessing he mentioned it to his wife, who apparently didn't have a deprived childhood.

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