Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Much for Sewing

Looks like there won't be any sewing this weekend.
I am on David watch until he can get into the Ear Nose Throat doctor on Monday. Exhausted. Two trips to the ER since Thursday afternoon, and I am sleeping on the sofa. I lost count somewhere after the 10th nose bleed. I have a photo of him in the back of the ambulance but he would be furious if I shared it with everyone, it wasn't his finest moment. And now he has a tube hanging out of his nose taped to his cheek, not a flattering look.

There is a funny story in all of this. David was already strapped in the ambulance with the EMTs and two of the firemen were in the house packing up. I was joking that the neighbors were going to think I beat him since he came out of the house holding his bloody face. The fireman said I should run out in the yard after him and yell "I told you to wash those dishes, you better do it next time." Of course later in the ER David said that when I was out of the room the ER nurse asked him if anyone had been physically abusing him.

I think I may have some hand embroidery I can work on.

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