Friday, August 12, 2011


For 6 months I have been religiously tracking :

Calories I consumed.
Calories I burn.
Carbs I consumed.
Blood sugar numbers.
My weight.
Number of revolutions on the elliptical.
Miles per hour I walked/ran.
How many minutes I walked/ran.
How many times a week I worked out.
How hot it was when I worked out.

Not to mention the company I work for has been in and out of bankruptcy in the past 4 months. Now sold and I will be unemployed by mid October. Teenager we adopted 3 years ago, the one that ran away last fall is now pregnant.

Several of my online friends from a couple different groups were worried about me the past week. I am fine, just needed a break. I gave myself 7 days to ignore everyone. Feel much better today.

Just had to give myself permission to not care for a a while.

In case you are curious and to brag a bit...  I have lost 50 pounds since February. That was before the past week of over indulgence but I see a two mile run in my future tonight so I am really not worried about it.

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  1. congrats!!!!!!!!!! on losing the weight...AND on keeping track of everything, do you think that is why you were successful?