Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Antler Purse

I found a way for my sister to get rid of some antlers from her house. This purse is on ebay for $600.

Last night was the first night in 2 1/2 weeks I slept through the night. The cough and sinuses are finally under control and I have some energy back. Short work day at the office today, then four days off. Nothing big planned for the holidays. Of course I had a flat tire last week and David had a dead battery yesterday. Just not enough hours in the day right now.

I do have a crafty gadget under the tree waiting for me to unwrap. Can't wait to get creative.

Gave out mugs, covers and hot chocolate to the group that works for me. Need to pick up some winter and Valentines fabric so they have new covers they can use after the holidays.

The kids had semester exams on Thursday and Friday. Kim sent me a text message when she got home telling me she "past".... I am guessing she might not have "passed" her English class.

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  1. Hi I'm krstawrdtravels from Dwap-Bot. I came across your blog via the blogger follower swap. I actually think that bag is sort of gorgeous. I would totally carry it lol

    Hope you're feeling better.