Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Fabric for the front door curtains. The plan is to start with these and then replace the curtains in the living room coordinating off these colors.

I am actually surprised David and I agreed on the fabric. He hates florals so it really limits my choices.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011


And a little shirt made from more recycled shirts.

It is actually easier to embroider on the pieces before I assemble. Got a couple more things cut out yesterday to sew together also.

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Simple Fix

Simple fix to an ugly grocery bag.

Just cover up their advertising with fabric.

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Wish I had taken a before photo. The fabric is from an old sweatshirt of mine. Used Butterick pattern #B5585.

It is now a baby jacket. The only problem I have is what to use for the front closure.

Pearl snaps?

Fancy red jewel buttons?

Or plain white buttons?

Any opinions?

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T shirt redo

Still trying to get the hang of the blogpress app. The photos are in reverse order. Started out with a tshirt I loved but felt like it was strangling me. Cut off the ribbing. Made the scoop neck a little lower. Added som seam binding. It feel so much more comfortable.

I have a couple more t shirts I want to do this to.

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How Much?

How much of this will actually get dome today? I would guess there is at least 15 projects on the table. I had better get busy.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nike + GPS

I will give you the inside scoop on another one of my weight loss tools. Nike + GPS.
It tracks Time, Distance and Calories burned for running and walking.
I have an iPhone so I can't tell you how it works on just a iPod Touch. But is a pretty darn cool tool on the iPhone. Well worth the $1.99 for the App. I have found it pushes me to continually set new goals. Even Mason will ask me if we have beat our time or distance. The maps are extremely accurate, always fun to see where I slow down or speed up. If you have an iPhone you need to add it to your collection. And if you don't have an iPhone get one and then get the App.

I told you I had become a bit obsessed with tracking everything. The break was much needed.

Lose It

How have I been losing it. Well with Lose It!. It is a free website and free app for your iPhone. Just be sure to review your privacy settings when you first register. It has been a long time ago but it seemed like it was pretty open as default. I have since gone back and made my settings less restrictive. Having friends on the site is part of the inspiration.

Words of warning, don't try to be a hero and set your calorie goal super low. Just use what they suggest and modify after a few weeks. Slow and steady will win the race.

Want to be really inspired... go to their Forums... Fitness and Exercise... "Post your before and after pics", 3rd option down in the forum. Amazing photos that will totally blow you away. The other forums have great advice also but the pics are such great motivation.

Let me know if you join and I will send you a friend request. Just make sure your privacy settings allow me to request.

Monday, August 15, 2011

T shirt rug

I have been working on this repurposed rug since the first of July. Should be a total of 14 t-shirts by the time I am done.

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Walk in the park

Oops. Forgot to send photo of my walk with Mason.

He wasn't real happy I took his photo. He is back to classes on the 29th. Hope he still has time for me then.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farmers market

Early morning trip to farmers market.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Rose Petal Rug

I was searching Etsy for a totally unrelated item and ran across this.
Here is the link. It is made from fleece petals sewn to duck cloth. Very cute.


For 6 months I have been religiously tracking :

Calories I consumed.
Calories I burn.
Carbs I consumed.
Blood sugar numbers.
My weight.
Number of revolutions on the elliptical.
Miles per hour I walked/ran.
How many minutes I walked/ran.
How many times a week I worked out.
How hot it was when I worked out.

Not to mention the company I work for has been in and out of bankruptcy in the past 4 months. Now sold and I will be unemployed by mid October. Teenager we adopted 3 years ago, the one that ran away last fall is now pregnant.

Several of my online friends from a couple different groups were worried about me the past week. I am fine, just needed a break. I gave myself 7 days to ignore everyone. Feel much better today.

Just had to give myself permission to not care for a a while.

In case you are curious and to brag a bit...  I have lost 50 pounds since February. That was before the past week of over indulgence but I see a two mile run in my future tonight so I am really not worried about it.


I haven't been shopping at lunchtime in forever. Look at the fabulous duck cloth I found. Hopefully that means some seeing this weekend.

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