Monday, August 30, 2010

Final Towel

Final towel that went in the box to my Mom. And it is probably one of my favorites. Very simple but too cute.
This did not make it into the box to my Mom, it wouldn't fit so it has to go in the next box or get hand delivered. I will find the website that had the tutorial and post it for you when I get home today. It is a large 9x12 inch envelop with velcro closure. Posterboard pattern covered in fabric. Instructions could use either gromets with ribbon or velcro. Velcro won hands down. Turns out quite sturdy. Not sure how it will last with heavy use.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Box is Full

The box to my Mom is now officially full. You should know by now I have a thing for watermelon.
And I also have a little thing for pigs.

The red bandana pig actually looks much more cute in person than in this photo.

Mini quilt is also finished. But I won't show any more photos until it arrives at its new home. And another project has glue drying I will show you in the morning.

Up Early

Can't decide if I am mad or glad David got me out of bed at 6 this morning. Would have been nice to sleep in but I did get a bunch of things done today.
Shirt for the little drummer boy. I wised up and used the cut away stablizer instead of the tear away. What a huge difference it made.
Abby and Rounder have their names on their Thundershirts. These are supposed to calm your dog down during storms.
Their overnight bag also got personalized.
A couple little chick towels to add to my Mom's box.

Another appliqued towel. Designs from Planet Applique.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Glimpse

Here is a little glimpse. I can't reveal too much of the mini quilt because my swap partner occasionally reads my blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

My weekend list of projects:
  • Finish the mini quilt
  • Embroider Abby and Rounder's dog thunder shirts and their overnight bag. Abby and Rounder are a co-workers dogs. She is going on vacation next week and leaving them with a sitter.
  • Create something for the "Sew, what's in your profile?" Swap
  • Fill the box for my mother. Will probably just embroider a few more towels I have in my stash.
  • Embroider another tshirt for Jeremiah.
If I get those done I can think about a few other projects I have patiently waiting for attention.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look Closely

If you look real close you will see that my husband is not the real subject of this photo. If you look even closer you will see that David and Buttercup have matching grey beards. Shhh... don't tell either of them you saw this photo.

Rare Sighting

We had a rare sighting at my house last night. Me crafting on a week night. I used to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour doing something crafty every night when I got home from work. My own personal "me" time to wind down from the day. Lately I have been working later and later. And the kids have been a bit more demanding.
One of the girls that works for me has a little boy that turns three in a few weeks. She found a similar tshirt on etsy for $16 I used for inspiration. My investment less than $2. Her son is a huge Mickey fan. Definitely a little boy after my heart.

I even had time to start working on my mini quilt for my swap-bot swap. More on that later.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I think all of you out there in blog land are snoozing. All except Colleen that is. The dragon bag is all hers. Colleen I sent you an email to get your address.

Just so all of you don't think I ripped the dragon bag out of Mason's hands. He declined when I offered it to him. As much as he likes dragons, they were his high school mascot. And as much as he loves Japanese culture it just wasn't him.

Joann's was calling my name today at lunchtime. I haven't been there in about a month. Probably right before Mason's surgery. Just felt overwhelmed to even try to coordinate some fabrics. Picked up a fat quarter bundle. I don't have any projects in I am in the middle of right now, just too many in my head I want to start.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dragon Bag

Home from JB's funeral. My first at a Southern Baptist African American church. Not the typical somber atmosphere of a funeral.
Turned the sample dragon embroidery into a small drawstring bag. Finished size is around 8x10 inches. 600 posts just came and went with no fanfare and I haven't done a giveaway in a while. So if you are interested in the bag leave a comment on this post before 10am (Central Time) August 24th. I will randomly pick a winner and post on Tuesday.

Over Done

I might have over done it just a little. I wanted the tote bag bigger but I may have gone too big. Need to go to a size in between the two to make me happy. It will be a great tote to go to the beach or maybe even enough space to pack over night.
You can see the size comparison. Back to the drawing/cutting board. Kind of reminds me a bit of Goldilocks. Too small, too big.... just right.
Off to JB's funeral this afternoon. And should be home the rest of the weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Mason got a clean bill of health from the surgeon. Doesn't want to see him back for 3 months unless we have issues. We had already gotten the bill from the surgeon and from the anesthesiologist, finally got the bill from the hospital itself.... $16,600. Yikes!!! The next day I checked our insurance company's website. The in-network discount was $15,100, bringing the total down to $1500, we owe less than $300 of that out of our pocket. I am no math wise but can figure out that is more than a 90% discount. Makes me wonder who has to suffer and pay the full price. Thankful I have insurance.

Back To Normal

I think things are getting back to normal. Still too darn hot to do much of anything. Mason's surgery site is looking really good. I see no hints of any sinuses. He starts classes in 10 days, might be uncomfortable sitting the first few weeks of school. It has been a long 18 months but I am optimistic this is the last of the pilonidal cysts for us. Follow up appointment with the plastic surgeon this afternoon. Finally found white cotton webbing for the handles on this bag. Got them pinned in place last night. Should be able to finish the sewing tonight. It is the bigger version of this bag. If the sizing works out I will let you now what dimensions I used.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stop Work

Our favorite Chinese Buffet closed for renovations in May. We drove by there last week and they have a Stop Work Order taped to the door. Guessing the rennovations aren't going too well. Which is exactly how my crafting feels right now. Feels like someone issued a stop work order on all crafting in my life.

Although it could just be the heat. Sunday had a heat index of 125 degrees. You know it has been hot when mid 90s sounds cool. Just want to stay indoors and in front of a fan. Hope to get back in the swing of crafting this weekend.

A couple people asked what Kim did to get grounded. And now that four weeks have passed I can talk about it without my blood pressure rising. Mason had just been wheeled into surgery, I stepped into the waiting room and David asked if I wanted something to drink. No sooner did he sit back down and his cell phone rang. Kim had been arrested for shoplifting. Obviously not the first time she had done it with the amount of items her friends and her took. Stupid move and she couldn't have had worse timing.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rollercoaster Week

I did a little embroidery but didn't even take photos before I shipped.

Mason's doctor appointment last week concerned me. There was a spot the doctor wanted us to watch closely. My heart just sank, brain started planning the 4th surgery in my head. I didn't even look at his wound for several days. Finally found the courage last night to take a peek. Much to my surprise it all looks really good. Not giving the all clear signal yet but not living with the dread right now.

Joseph, the guy that worked for me that was diagnosed with liver cancer this spring passed away on Wednesday. 43 years old, 17 year old son. It just hits way too close to home. Puts life back into perspective.

My sister's family could use some prayers this week. Her son fell through a roof and landed on a concrete floor. Sounds like he has scared everyone but will recover.

Kim started her senior year of high school this week. Going to be an interesting year. Just trying to keep the ultimate goal in mind... become a productive member of society. It is so odd how her brain is wired.

Headed off with Mason to University of Memphis this morning and then with David tonight to see a Memphis Redbirds game.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Home Alone

David and Mason went to see the movie Salt and Kim went to lunch with her boyfriend yesterday. Which left me home alone. What did I do? Embroidered of course.
More Towels
And more towels
For some reason I really like the Home Sweet Home.
Not my favorite design but like the bright colors.
I like the open embroidery on towels. Makes them very use-able.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Gerber Baby - Eleanor

One of the ladies that works for me in Payroll has a grand daughter in the Gerber Baby Contest. Eleanor could use your votes if you have a moment.

Once the page loads click on Search Photos

Put in the name Eleanor and the city Memphis


I would say I have been busy embroidering but that would be a lie. My embroidery machine has been busy. I just load the designs and threads. I am reloading my mother's stash of towels to give away to family and friends. Watermelon always reminds me of my grandmother. Watermelon and cantaloupe I should say. I could eat the cantaloupe as fast as she would cut them up.
Just some dainty florals.
Monochromatic florals.
Leafy corners. I really like the satin stitch on these. Nice that it is just a couple color changes. I can do chores while this one stitches out.
More dainty flowers.
This one has a great vintage feel to it.

It isn't the towels that are excessive. You can never have too many towels. We are in the middle of another excessive heat warning. And it really does feel like 123 degrees outside. Best just to stay inside and avoid any activity at all.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Small Bag

Great bag idea. Just not the right size.
Better Homes and Gardens has a quilting site. If you have never been you really should check it out. You have to register to download the free patterns but it is free to register. This bag is one of their free patterns. Sewing on the handles creates 6 pockets on the outside of the bag. Just right for keys, cell phones, iPods and whatever else a girl needs to carry. The only problem for me is the overall bag size it too small. The instructions clearly state "Finished Bag: 8x10x4".

I will blame it on all the insanity in my life the past few weeks. Why I didn't check out what the finished size would be before starting the bag is beyond me. I think I will try to make another LARGER bag from the same instruction.

Mason seems to be doing quite well. I know he is having a hard time waiting until Friday to get the stitches and the drain tube out. Hope this is the final surgery for him. A guy from my company that works one of our branches in California had surgery for his pilonidal cyst last November. He told me today he thinks it is back. I can feel his pain and frustration.